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Dear Friends,

Below please find teachings related to the prophetic words released to Nita Johnson and her daughter, Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of the Nation and the Refining of the Body of Christ.  He is about the release the Melchizedek Priesthood and our desire is to prepare those who will carry the mantle in the days ahead.

May the Holy Spirit have His way in each of our lives throughout this year. 

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8-2-18 “The Spirit of Holiness” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Ephesians: “The Call of the Intercessor” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Be encouraged my friends! The Call of the Intercessor is an impassioned message bringing understanding to the true purpose of the Intercessor. We are in the season of the Intercessor, it’s time to rise up and embrace our calling! The Intercessor is the glue that holds the body of Christ together–your purpose, your time, is

7-26-18 Word from Nita Johnson

Ephesians: “The Fullness of Christ Revealed in Us” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

7-19-18 “Sons of God: Come out and Come UP!” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Ephesians 4 – “We are His Witness” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“Ephesians Study Ch 1-3: God Defines the Church” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

7-5-18 “Manifestation of the Sons of God IV” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“Manifestation of the Sons of God III” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

6-21-2018 “Manifestation of the Sons of God II” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson