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Dear Friends,

Below please find teachings related to the prophetic words released to Nita Johnson and her daughter, Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of the Nation and the Refining of the Body of Christ.  He is about the release the Melchizedek Priesthood and our desire is to prepare those who will carry the mantle in the days ahead.

May the Holy Spirit have His way in each of our lives throughout this year. 

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9-14-18 (1 Thess) “Becoming a Vessel for His Gospel to Flow” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

This series on 1 Thessalonians is from a private teaching done with our staff. The messages the Lord is releasing in this hour are for the purposes of redefining Church as we know it. God is calling forth a people who will seek His face, crave His Word, and heed His will regardless of the

9-13-18 “We are Building the Tabernacle of God” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

In light of the compromise, deception, and errors exposed within the four walls of the churches today, God is raising a standard of righteousness and redefining what it means to be a member of His beloved congregation. In “We are Building the Tabernacle of God” Ricci discusses the characteristics of the true Church, and what

Preparing for the Harvest: “Divine Appointments” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

We’ve begun our study in 1 Thessalonians. These are private sessions the Lord instructed me to release to the Body of Christ to equip them for the days ahead. The Refining births the New Breed of Believers. The New Breed of Believers will bring a great harvest into the Kingdom of God. In the first

9-6-18 “Prayer Focus” Nita Johnson

Eph 6 “The Weapons of our Warfare” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

8-30-18 “The Seven R’s” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Looking at the 7 R’s practically through 1 Samuel 7

Ephesians – “Preparing for Warfare” with Ricci Wilson

8-23-18 “Repentance” with Nita Johnson

Eph 5 & 6 “Aligning yourself with His Spirit” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

8-16-18 “Come Behind the Veil” by Ricci Johnson-Wilson