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Prophetic Intercessor’s Watch

Welcome to our  Prophetic Intercessor’s Watch!  This page is still in process… it is dedicated to presenting issues for intercession and prophetic words released by Nita and Ricci during our Corporate Prayer Calls.

The issues we pray over are heavy on the heart of our Lord and and as such, we welcome you to pray with us. 

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Update From Nita

This event has been sanctioned and established in direct correlation with what occurred by the Standard of the Lord being placed in the ground of Washington, DC in the last morning of the Gathering of the Eagles in DC in Oct. 2001.

Celine’s Dream

A dear friend of mine has had a couple prophetic experiences I would like to share.


The Bible also says, “Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound an alarm!” My dear brothers and sisters, this is the day in which God is sounding the alarm in America!

Mission Fund

The Lord has placed it upon our hearts to take the Gathering of the Eagles into other countries in order to bring revival throughout the world! We would like for you to be a part of bringing healing to the Nations of the World!