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Intercessors Watch

Welcome to our Intercessor's Watch.  The following intercessory prayer groups will be meeting in the North West to for worship and intercession. Their goal is to pray over the area in preparation for the Gathering of the Eagles.  The ones that are underlined and in blue will be hosted by our Seattle liaison and leader, Pastor Sayo Ajiboye. The others are hosted by the organization themselves. Please consider joining one or more of these prayer meetings in preparation for the Seatlle, GOE.

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**2014 Intercessor's Watch

Check here for urgent world-wide prayer needs
Jul 12, 2014

**2013 Intercessor's Watch**

May 3, 2013

Seattle Teaching and Corporate Prayer Meetings

Coming soon, Seattle meetings will be available for livestreaming!
Jun 21, 2012

2009 Intercessor's Watch- Weekly Prayer Updates

Jul 23, 2009

2008 Intercessor's Watch- Weekly Prayer Update

Many of the prayer items need ongoing prayer. Thank you for standing with us in prayer for America. May the Lord bless you!
Nita (LaFond) Johnson

Intercessor's Watch- Weekly Prayer Updates

The Intercessor's Watch will be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so please check back for regular prayer updates. Thank you for standing with us in prayer for America. May the Lord bless you abundantly!
Nita (LaFond) Johnson

Prayer Points

Thank you for joining us in prayer.
Nita (LaFond) Johnson
Dec 1, 2006

Civil Rights, Abortion & the Gatherings

God has been so merciful over the last few years! We have been graced with the ability to pray through injustices done to His children. He has led us on a journey of tears...
Ricci Wilson
May 1, 2006

GOE African American & Abortion resources

Dear Intercessors, During our DC, Atlanta & Nashville Gatherings we used the following materials:
Ricci Wilson
Apr 20, 2006

A Plea for Merciful Prayer

Please pray for Iran. Pray that the Lord will bring about an overthrow of this tyrannical government and bring Prince Reza Pahlavi, the rightful prince of Iran who is now in exile, back to his place on the throne. Also, pray fervently that the Lord will n
Prince Reza Pahlavi
Feb 10, 2006

Gathering of the Eagles 2003 report

The year 2003 has turned out to be a very busy year. The Lord has graciously blessed our endeavors with many surprises and wonderful results, both at home and abroad.
Nita (LaFond) Johnson
Dec 31, 2003

Mission Fund

The Lord has placed it upon our hearts to take the Gathering of the Eagles into other countries in order to bring revival throughout the world! We would like for you to be a part of bringing healing to the Nations of the World!
Ricci Wilson
Jul, 2003

Satan''s Plans And Purposes For America

Many prophetic voices are speaking today, one says one thing and another says the opposite. Who is right?
Nita (LaFond) Johnson
Aug 9, 2002

Update From Nita

This event has been sanctioned and established in direct correlation with what occurred by the Standard of the Lord being placed in the ground of Washington, DC in the last morning of the Gathering of the Eagles in DC in Oct. 2001.
Nita (LaFond) Johnson
Nov 24, 2001

Celine's Dream

A dear friend of mine has had a couple prophetic experiences I would like to share.
Nov 11, 2001


The Bible also says, "Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound an alarm!" My dear brothers and sisters, this is the day in which God is sounding the alarm in America!
Nita (LaFond) Johnson
Sep 28, 2001

**2012 Intercessor's Watch**

Check here for daily/weekly urgent prayer request

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