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Seattle, Gathering of the Eagles Mini-Report


Nita Johnson

May 23, 2016

When Jesus came to me sixteen years ago and asked me to embrace the calling of the Gathering of the Eagles, I was more than hesitant. His love for, not only our Nation but the Nations around the world is quite powerful. So, He pressed me again. He told me if I declined, due to the sins of our Nation, America would experience war on our soil with no revival. If I accepted the call, and we remained vigilant in our work, He promised to send revival before war came. So, I timidly agreed.

Over the last few years, we've seen pockets of revival spring up, and we give Him praise for every single one of them. However, we are now not only at a place where revival is breaking through, but war is being held back by His hand. We received several remarkable reports the last day of the Seattle Gathering of the Eagles revealing more breakthroughs than we expected during one GOE! Not only is war held back, but the Elite, the Cabal, and the War Machine of the Catholic Church, who would have been responsible for it, are actually in the process of being brought down. At the very least they are being bound and unable to fulfill their desires. We have not seen anything like this before! 

This news, however, does not mean that the game of international chess is coming to a close. It only means that these two armies will not see their will imposed upon the Nations for quite a while. I have met several sources over the last few years who, under a vow of confidentiality, revealed things going on behind closed doors. We are just now starting to see some of God's Champions emerge and come to the forefront. What we are witnessing is the beginning of many excellent things that God has in store for us. The Church must, however, arise and vote, thereby securing our portion in God's great plan.

The end of Obama's regime marks the end of the Elite's game for a season. "Mr. Trump", one we might call a type of knight in shining armor is the man God will rest upon to do His work for our Nation. If we pray, he will fight and exhaust every effort to accomplish all that he promised to do. If the Church faithfully prays, he will accomplish it all. If the Church will not only pray but take action and vote - all that Jesus showed me nearly four years ago through a series of visions [which I shared during that time-frame] Trump will complete it! He is raised up by God to do the work of the Biblical "Cyrus" in today's world!

Friends, as we will see, Mr. Trump, will be one of many that being will come forth from around the world to fulfill their God-given task in this hour. If enough of us believe and support it through prayer, we will see it happen. It will not come about by some great miracle separate from the Church; God works behind the scenes quietly where no one can interfere with the work He is doing, and He then releases it in His timing. At times, it can take decades for us to see His "suddenlies." However, when it's time for His plans to come to the forefront, the Church needs to be ready, or we will miss His ultimate plan. This is where we are today. 

Mr. Trump may not be a Moses. But, that's not what our Nation needs right now. Let us be thankful for what God is sending us for this one will do the job!!!! I am also thankful that the Bible tells us through the life of Cyrus, a chosen vessel does not have to be perfect or pure as gold. He or she only needs to be willing to answer the call. A carnal and self-righteous Church will reject God's best. We must not allow ourselves to fall prey to Satan's thoughts but humbly trust God in all He is doing.

I will share more very soon, but for now remember, we are climbing a mountain that will release the world from tyranny. It's a rough road, but please use wisdom and continue to follow and pray for us. The next time I write, I'll reveal some things that are about to occur that will change your life for the good. 

One last thing. Satan is fighting over our work against him. As a result, he has hit our finances harder than ever before. Couple this with the lower summer-time giving all ministries experience, and we are fast approaching a serious state. All these years, God held and carried us through our Friends; however, we honestly need the Church to offer a miracle sacrifice of financial giving now so we can take care of our present ministry needs. Again, we need "miracle giving" to come into our ministry. Our elders will meet this week to pray and strategize over our next steps, as well as those over the next twelve months. Pray for His wisdom and His immediate provision. Please prayerfully consider sowing into World for Jesus today, as well as our future. I promise you will not be sorry! Click here for secure Online Donations

In His Amazing Love,
Nita Johnson

ps- The linked reports can be found in the Fulford and Keenan archives. I've pulled and created PDFs from their websites for your convenience. Both men, while controversial at times, are very thorough and respected investigative journalists.



Seattle, Gathering Of the Eagles, 2016!


Dates: December 8-10, 2016


 Schedule: TBA



Bethel Chapel

23010 66th Ave W

Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043



Lodging: Courtyard 


Courtyard Seattle North/Lynnwood Everett

4220 Alderwood Mall Blvd

Lynnwood, WA 98036


Room Rates: Room Rate: $109.00*


 *Room must be booked before 11/21/2016 with group code: 


"WFJM/Gathering of the Eagles" to receive this rate.


Pre-registration is required: 

Click to register



Seating is limited to 300 intercessors!  


Call 559-435-2423 or email Karen Karen@worldforjesus.org with your name, address, phone number and we’ll get you registered!

Photo ID required upon check-in. Your name badge must match your photo ID. All attendees will be required to wear their name badge during each session. 

Group pre-registration is allowed, however, please ensure you have the name, address, and email address for each entry. Please do not use your name when saving a spot for another intercessor. WFJM filters through the registration periodically to remove all duplicates.



God has commissioned WFJM to hold GOEs - How can they effect change in our Nation? 

America's answer is not in politics! We need the glory of the Lord ~~ and we need revival!

The Lord strongly impressed upon me after many months of prayer to establish Gatherings in America. He spoke to me saying: "Bring the leadership of the Church together in one heart to humble themselves before Me, seek My face, and cleanse the land through repentance, and I will make America a dwelling place for My glory." That is what we are now doing.
What it is!

  • It is a five fold ministry. We will also be including intercessors.
  • It will be a time set aside to seek the face of the Lord together in worship, prayer, repentance and sharing to ascertain the mind of the Lord. I base this on Joel 2:12 & 13; II Chron.5:13-14 & Acts 13:2; 15:28.
  • We desire to see the glory of God rest upon America. Therefore we are coming together as a corporate leadership body to discover from Him what He requires from the Church in America in exchange for allowing us to be a dwelling place for His glory.

What it is not!

  • It is not a traditional conference.
  • There will be no guest speakers.
  • We will have no agenda.
  • This is not a denominational gathering. We desire that ministries from all Christian denominations join together as one man.

What we will see accomplished through obedience!

  • Healing of the American Church!
    We have all desired to see a healthy body of believers in America, and have undertaken in many ways to bring this about. While the greatest health that will come to the Church will come in the midst of major national revival, we can bring a new level of health in repentance and the true spirit of worship such as Daniel engaged in.
  • Healing of America!
    The Lord has a problem with America. We are guilty of the shedding of innocent blood including persecution of race, abortion and many other ways. We as a Church can repent for these atrocities and once again see the favor of the Lord in our nation.
  • Hearing the Lord's voice corporately.
    The Lord wants to bring the body into a new level of relationship by teaching us how to come together and learn how to hear His voice as a body of leaders.
  • Worship
    Higher worship is always an earmark of true revival. He will prepare us for this in these Gatherings. Further, I learned from Elisha's example many years ago, that true worship opens the way for the Word of the Lord! II Kings 3:15.  We will see that established on a corporate level in these Gatherings.
  • Unity
    America will never see revival in the magnitude in which we desire it until we allow the Lord to knit us together in humility and unity. He will begin to do this by His own Spirit in these Gatherings.
  • Fathers
    Paul said you have many teachers, but you have not many Fathers. Malachi promised that the day would come when an anointing would be poured out to turn the hearts of the Fathers to the sons, and the sons to the Fathers. The Lord told me that as we are obedient in these Gatherings He will make known the Fathers of the body, Fathers with hearts like Paul of old. He will reveal the Fathers over the cities, states, regions and the nation, as we seek His face with a pure heart.
  • Revival
    After three hours of intense intercession the night that the Lord commissioned me to establish the Gatherings in America, He told me that if we would be obedient to all that He tells us in these Gatherings and thereby cleanse the land of the guilt of innocent blood, He would give us the revival for which we hunger.
  • A resting place for His glory!
    When the glory of the Lord rested upon the Ark, Israel prospered. The Lord's glory has not rested upon America in that way in many generations. The reason for His conspicuous absence is that the Nation and the Church has brought shame upon His name.
    Nevertheless, He longs to return to us. He spoke to me very clearly that if we would obey Him in this He would use these Gatherings to prepare us to once again be a dwelling place for His glory.

As we search the Scriptures we learn that where ever we see the glory of God visit seeking men, we see men coming together in one heart to seek His face and prepare for His glory. (II Chron. 5:12-14; Acts chapter 2) We believe that the days are quickly fading in which we will continue to see the sort of 'one-man shows', with everyone doing what is right in his own eyes. It is time for the corporate body to rise up as the 'one man' to gain the inheritance of God's glory in righteousness, holiness, unity and preferring one another in the bond of love.

We are longing for a great outpouring of God's glory from coast to coast and through Islands of Hawaii and Alaska, not on one Church or denomination, but on the corporate body. Please join with us to seek God's face and prepare for His coming presence.

We will begin by meeting with Christian leaders from various regions around the country to formulate and establish some guidelines and dates for the Regional Gatherings.

We will then begin the Gatherings with Regional Gatherings. We will hold Gatherings around the country beginning in Jacksonville, Florida with intercessors. Each Regional Gathering will incorporate approximately 10 states. Then some time early next year we will have a National Gathering wherein all those who attended the Regional Gatherings and those who desire to participate but could not attend a Regional Gathering will attend. By the end of the first year of Gatherings we hope to have affirmative plans as a body of Christ in America on what we can do to remove any remaining hindrances that may be offending the Lord and keeping us from experiencing national revival and the ark of His glory being instated to the American Church.

**One last thing, Jesus spoke to me in a vision that if we would gather 2000 key leaders in America to fill this land with tears of repentance and intercession, it would be enough to change the very constitution of this country. In a more recent vision He told me If He could have from us what He is asking He will send His glory, if not He will destroy this nation for its wickedness. May we receive His admonition and bear His glory!

In His Love,
Nita Johnson

For more information please contact the office or email us at Ricci4wfjm@sbcglobal.net

The World For Jesus Ministries, Inc.
5730 N. First Street, Suite 105-307
Fresno, CA. 93670
Main Office # 559-435-2423


Our Nation

Nita LaFond Johnson

My Dear Friends:

So many things have been thought and so many dreams have been buried since Obama's reelection. It is for this reason I want to share my heart about the future!
America is in an hour of transition. We are in a pivotal season, a time when we must survey our horizons even more broadly, widely and deeply than ever before. Today is a different kind of day. I cannot say that today is a day like no other, as we have been here before. General Washington was a man set apart by God to lead our Colonial ancestors to a victory which would ultimately bring forth the birth of a new Nation. The people of that era were facing many of the same questions and challenges we are facing today. Perhaps we have not searched deeply enough into our inner core as a Nation to hear the stifled questions demanding thoughtful and honest answers that are silently being cried and muffled. It seems to me, that until we search both within and above, we will continue to deny ourselves the discovery of those necessary answers which can help avert our impending nightmare.
When a boil erupts on the skin it becomes intensely painful to the touch.  However, until that boil is mercifully lanced it cannot begin to heal. In this Nation we harbor unhealed boils festering painfully from past encounters with circumstances and people which we must be forced to deal with before we can move forward.  

Questions from the past:
A) What constitutes freedom?  B) If all men are born to be free, why do we see so many held captive in stereotypes and historical anomalies that should never have arisen? C) Is America a Nation that can truly be disciplined and changed? D) Will it take serious discipline to open the door for change? E) Can the brotherhood of man be revived in America? F) Can we once again become a Nation in solidarity under Jesus Christ? G) Is it possible to rewind the hands of time and reproduce a Republic in a golden era of divine management? H) What will such a venture require of us?  I) Can America regain its fortitude and press through to a new image, a new character, a new position of grace for the ultimate victory? Can we mark the journey and pay the price to recreate a Nation dedicated to liberty for all, and to humbly bear the glory of the Fatherhood of the Nations in Jesus Christ? (Answers to these questions can be found at the end of this article.)

Do these many questions seem to have no bearing on the present or the future, as things stand today, for that matter? Does the beauty of the original "American Dream" seem too distant, too abstract, too -- well I guess the questions could roll on and on. I would like to take a minute to try to reconnect us with the vision God has for America.
We have been under a 50 year judgment cycle, which the Lord Jesus is now graciously bringing to an end. Let's look at a brief list of things that have transpired during those 50 years.  

Beginning in the year 1963:
1. 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated.
2. By this time the great holiness movement was beginning to die down, as were its accompanying signs and wonders.  One of the movement’s key leaders died in 1964.
3. Drug Culture arose (Psychoactive Drugs) (CIA involvement)
4. Sexual Revolution (controversial birth control pill ignites the movement)
5. Anti-war movement over the Vietnam War, an Elite venture.
6. Hippie Movement - Anti-Authority uprisings, Haight Ashbury.
7. Music Revolution (Beetles) This has only gotten worse with time.
8. Civil Rights Movement. Intended to provoke equality for minority races, primarily the African-American, this turned out fairly bloody as it was both a blessing and a curse. It was a curse, because we would not willingly give the people their rights without being forced to do so; and a blessing because it would eventually allow the curse of slavery to come to an end.
9. Counter-culture moves into Education... encouraging the esoteric, love of nature, passion for music, desire for reflection, independence! Special CIA task force was much involved with this project.
10. Occultism expands and comes out of the underground.

11. New Left: Progressives; Quite simply, the Progressives detested the bedrock principles of American government.  They detested the Declaration of Independence, which enshrines the protection of individual natural rights (like property) as the unchangeable purpose of government; and they detested the Constitution, which places permanent limits on the scope of government and is structured in a way that makes the extension of national power beyond its original purpose very difficult.  “Progressivism” was, for them, all about progressing, or moving beyond, the principles of our founders. This is why the Progressives were the first generation of Americans to openly denounce our founding documents. While the Progressives had been around since the late 1800s, through men such a Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt and his "New Deal" the idea of progressivism took a new leap forward. This would eventually become the new wave of thought among the Democrats.
(I tried to ascertain wither or not JF Kennedy was a Progressive, however the historians seemed to be divided on the issue. Nevertheless great strides are being taken in this movement until this very hour.)
12. Many new policies and laws have been passed since Kennedy's era so changing the life of economic and trade policies in America until they in no way resemble the old. For instance, Bretton Woods 1 & 2 were basically designed to negate the Glass/Steagall act of 1933 and to establish the World Bank and IMF. Many policies enacted by Congress to govern International Trade, have opened the door to much sin and disrepute in America's dealings with other Nations. Our present economic plight is a direct result of our economic sins.
13. Abortion!
14. We got caught up in dismantling nations.
15. America dismantled
16. Education failure
17. Several economic failures
18. Loss of our businesses to overseas
19. Loss of Nation to the Illuminati
20. Wars
21. Loss of vital Christian presence in the Nation

All this moral deterioration, and more has transpired over the last 50 years as a result of certain protection being removed from America that was once maintained by the Lord. We have had one President after another who has taken us on a downward spiral, until America can barely lift its head for shame before the Nations of the world. We have abdicated our fathering and leadership role as our National sins have weakened us almost beyond recognition. As you know, we are on the verge of a major collapse.
God is ready to overturn all this. He is ready to turn back the hands of time and renew our protection and growth, to achieve His purpose. However, to bring forth the new we are going to have to labor through the breaking down of the old. We just about lost America my friends! I promise you, that had we not worked through America's many sins, repenting before the Lord we would have lost control by the end of last summer. I won't go into detail.
We are going to go through great difficulties, but we will revive!

Answers to our questions:
A) What constitutes freedom?  B) If all men are born to be free, why do we see so many held captive in stereotypes stereo types and historical anomalies that should never have arisen.
Galatians 5:1 Many years ago I was given a profound spiritual experience concerning this verse. “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (KJV)

I was sitting alone, praying in my family room when suddenly our Lord revealed to me in a profound vision His decree for America. Initially, everything in the temporal world disappeared and I saw only black. My mind went blank, if you will. Then, in a split second, I saw in front of me the seal of the United States rolling end over end. As it came closer, it increased in size to that of a man. It finally came to a standstill about two feet from me and then disappeared.

I then saw a black leather Bible. As it came nearer to me, it appeared as though someone was rapidly thumbing through the corner of the pages. It too enlarged to the size of a man and came to a standstill about two feet in front of me. As with the seal, it then too disappeared. 
Last of all, the cross of Christ appeared off in a distance. Like the two previous visions, it began to move slowly toward me, coming to a standstill about two feet in front of me. As this occurred, a powerful voice as if it were echoing down through time declared, "Liberty through Christ Jesus." I saw the same words appear in the form of an arch over the cross. The Holy Spirit then proclaimed the whole verse of Galatians 5:1.
This experience was a prophetic revelation for America.

What is this profound liberty which Jesus was offering to protect? The Greek word contrasts freedom of this nature from that of a slave. America could hold onto  the yoke of liberty having  "utter freedom" in Christ to live righteously, to live abundantly to  enjoy those rights  God would give to such a free Nation. We could live, give, enjoy life in alignment with His righteousness, while also Fathering the Nations in righteousness, and offering Christ's liberty to the world. This would include the blessing of wealth as a Nation, but moreover the blessing to live free in Christ. Every man who comes to America is immediately endowed with these same rights which everyAmerican enjoys. As a human being made in God’s image, every man ought to enjoy that privilege, but most Nations will do everything in their power to hinder the souls of men from experiencing those God-given liberties.   In America they have that liberty.
America’s greatest national problem, however, arises from the fact that we keep taking off the kingdom yoke, while putting on again the yoke of slavery through sin. When we as a Nation come back under the yoke of slavery to sin from which we were formerly freed, we lose the blessings of freedom in every other area.
C) Is America a Nation that can truly be disciplined and changed? D) Will it take serious discipline to open the door for change?
Yes, we can receive discipline, for grace will enable us to do so. Secondly, we will be changed for the same reason. Hearts will be awakened when our eyes are opened due to the wounds of discipline. Look at the example of poor Haiti. It was such a wicked Nation. Yet, in God's mercy He allowed the tragedy of the terrible earthquake that occurred.  Immediately afterward, revival broke out. Haiti is still in revival today. The Nation has renounced its covenant with Satan. Haiti’s long-delayed destiny is now being birthed in righteousness, and will continue as long as the Nation reveres God.
The Elite’s plan of destruction has been used by God to instead send great blessings. Take on this liberty America! It may require great discipline but the Lord will not exact even one more thing than is necessary to make us free! 
E) Can the brotherhood of man be revived in America? F) Can we once again become a Nation in solidarity under Jesus Christ? G) Is it possible to rewind the hands of time and reproduce a Republic in a golden era of divine management? H) What will such a venture require of us?  I) Can America regain its fortitude and press through to a new image, a new character, a new position of grace for the ultimate victory. Can we mark the journey and pay the price to recreate a Nation dedicated to liberty for all and to humbly bear the glory of the Fatherhood of the Nations in Jesus Christ?
Jesus will revive the brotherhood and solidarity with which we were once graced. Although we have lost it through sin, He is greater than our sin, His grace is greater. Where sin does abound grace does much more abound. God will prove His righteous character by dealing with America in severity and in mercy! He will do so because He is love. He will show us the nobility of His ways because we, His Church will pray! Everything we lost in the last 50 years and so much more will be restored, for His mercy will prevail over judgment. In His goodness, mercy will prevail!
George Washington had a dream. Abraham Lincoln carried that dream in his pocket. Although the Republic began to erode early on, Jesus has only of late brought us to a place where we catch a glimpse of what we lost. He is working behind the veil, preparing in hidden places the righteous foundation and tenets of the true Republic once born in this Nation to be magnificently restored.  He is doing this in His love! Brotherhood will be restored, albeit through great tests. He will allow this testing in order that He might anchor the promise into a tried and proven people. Perhaps this way it will not be so easily lost again.  Fortitude will spring back to life in our hearts because it is God who does it.
We will begin to grasp the epic significance of His inestimable grace as He opens our eyes to the light, and recreates and fulfills His desire within our Nation. Fortitude of this nature, which enables us to pray until we see the promise completed, is a gift from God. We await His glory and power to bring forth the holy promise.
Today we find it sometimes difficult to love, yet the tree is still green. However, in the near future after we have endured the dying of the tree, as it has been cut down only to bring forth new growth, will we love. Then and perhaps only then will Americans understand the precious gift we have received from our Father above, and yearn to spread our wing over the nations with this same stalwart love. We will see then that it never was what God would do.... it has always been about what we would do to fight for God's vision.
The coming Republic is founded upon man's right to rule righteously. We will learn that this freedom to govern righteously is one of God's greatest gifts. We will turn to our brother and let him live in the liberty of his faith. We will defend the fatherless and give praise to the Almighty in our Churches and in the streets. It will be as life from the dead. No dictators, no egomaniacs will lead us, but Christ will be the head of this Nation. I have seen the visions. It will be worth the battle, I promise you. You will not fear sending your children to school, as the educational system will be founded in God. Will you contend in prayer for the fulfillment of God’s vision? The valiant in heart will contend. The next generation will be saved from tyranny. Christ will restore our innocence in righteousness.  Prayer is the answer, the Word is our refuge, the Cross of separation from the world and its ways will save us. A new Nation under God must continue to empower our vision and the glory of our Lord must be our covering.  Come to the GOE in Washington DC and help us bring down, root out, and begin to rebuild for Jesus!
I trust you will find this note of encouragement a gift to build your faith.
In His Love,
Nita Johnson





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