A Prophetic Voice For Today's World


Following you will find a variety of prophetic and teaching articles written by Nita Johnson and Ricci Wilson. In addition, we are fortunate enough to feature instructional articles written by various co-laborers in the Kingdom. All of our articles are intended to edify, exhort, train, and prepare the Church for the days ahead. We are living in exciting times; our responsibility is to prepare the Church for the days ahead!

Portland AIC Update

This is an update on Portland AIC, telling us what the Lord has done through this conference.

Prayer to Change the Nation

This article teaches us how to pray for America to change this nation.

Teaching on the Lord’s Prayer (A)

This is a short teaching on part of the Lord’s Prayer at a prayer meeting in Seattle.

A Letter to the Reader

This letter is to help everyone understand our departure from New Orleans.


There is a way to enter the throne, and there is a way not to enter the throne. This article teaches us that we have hallowed His name every time we take the step to obey.

12-17-2011 Teaching from Fred Gassaway

This is the PDF containing the images presented during Mr. Gassaway’s message.

Letter of Purpose

This letter is written out of concern for the way the body of Christ is responding to the warnings of upcoming judgments.

To Our Friends

This is a letter to the friends of WFJM ministry, describing the kingdom assignments of this ministry.

Save America Campaign

This teaching reveals the Illuminati in America, and God’s plan to wrest America from them.

Prayer Request

This is a prayer request for the Seattle Gathering of the Eagles Aug 29-Sept 2, 2011.